Our HELP FOR THE HOME seminar is designed to strengthen the home and family. We are living in unhealthy times as far as the home is concerned. Over the last half-century the sanctity of marriage has been undermined by the so-called "new morality" and "situation ethics." Movies, TV, magazines and other mass media constantly attack the home by portraying the two parent family and monogamous marriage as antiquated and out of step with modern society.

Distrust, doubt, envy and selfishness undermine the home from within. Premarital and extramarital sex destroy the sanctity of the marriage relationship. Many times these situations force more responsibility on other family members, most often grandparents, causing added stress to them and other extended family.

In spite of the unhealthy climate of the times there is hope and comfort in God's word. May we realize that Jesus Christ is the "wonderful counselor" (Isaiah 9:6) and that there can be no real help for the home outside of the Bible (2 Peter 1:3). Therefore, we have designed a seminar based on Biblical principles. Our HELP FOR THE HOME seminar is especially created to meet the needs of the home in the 21st century. We consider this seminar much needed "preventive medicine" to inoculate against the poisonous venom of that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan (Revelation 12:9; 20:2).

A Synopsis Of Lessons Presented

Session One: "Love On The Rocks"

This lesson explores the state of marriage in our world today. The lesson describes what happens when love dies in a marriage. The lesson also explores some danger areas in marriage.

Session Two: "Marriage At Its Biblical Best."

A Biblical definition of marriage based on Matthew 19:1-9. The Biblical elements that make marriage what God would have it to be. The permanence of marriage is stressed in this lesson.

Session Three: "Making Marriage Last"

Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint! How can marriage endure? This lesson explores the various types of married couples and the elements that make for a lasting relationship. Here, "commitment" is the key word.

Session Four: "Developing Intimacy"

In this lesson we explore different types of intimacy including: physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual intimacy. Emphasis is placed on communication as the key to developing intimacy in each of these areas.

Session Five: "Communication Principles"

A discussion of how people communicate with an emphasis on listening. People have different learning styles and therefore couples need to learn to speak their spouses' language.

Session Six: "Pointers For Parents"

This lesson is designed to give parents some Biblical guidelines on child rearing. Children need to learn respect for authority, to honor marriage, the value of honest work and righteous living. This lesson also gives pointers for grandparents on how they can help in the rearing of their grandchildren.

Session Seven: "A Christian Home"

This lesson describes the Christian home in practical terms. It explores the role of the father and mother in making the home what God would have it to be. Emphasis is placed on the spiritual aspects of the home.

Session Eight: "What Children Need"

This lesson is a study of what children need from their parents in order for them to develop proper Christian attitudes. Emphasis is placed on the responsibility of parents to give their children more than the physical necessities of life. Parents must remember that they are but stewards of one of God's most precious gifts, children. This lesson is a challenge to all parents and grandparents to be faithful stewards.

Question and Answer Session:

Following the last session, time will be given for questions and answers. Participants are encouraged to write out their questions and turn them in to the instructor.


Friday Evening:

Registration -- 6:30 PM

Sessions 1 & 2 -- 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Saturday Evening:

Registration -- 6:30 PM

Sessions 3 & 4--7:00 -- 9:00 PM

Sunday Morning:

Bible Class -- Session 5

Worship -- Session 6

Sunday Evening:

Evening Worship -- Session 7 and 8

Note: Some prefer to have a pot-luck luncheon after the morning worship followed by session 7 and conclude with session 8 at the Sunday evening worship.

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