Why "Christian Family?"

o Those in Christ are a family (Eph. 3:15).

o Strong Families strengthen the church and society.

Our goal is:

o To help build Christian homes.

o To strengthen the local church.

o To reach the lost.

Supported by the Handley Church of Christ, Fort Worth, Texas

Operated by Dan Flournoy

o Serving as elder, Handley Church of Christ since September 16, 2007.

o Gospel preacher since August 29, 1966.

o B.A. Degree in Bible; M.A. Degree on Religion.

o Full-time educational minister for four years.

o Part-time instructor: Columbia Christian College Extension (1975-'78); Alabama Christian School of Religion [Regions University, Montgomery, Alabama](1976-'78); Bear Valley School of Preaching (1981); Brown Trail School of Preaching (1996-2002).

o Established Christian Family Counseling Center, March, 2003. Under the oversight of the elders at Handley Church of Christ and supported by six congrgations and about 40 individuals.

o Articles published in Brotherhood publications such as Gospel Advocate, Gospel Journal, Christian Bible Teacher, Power for Today, The Restorer, Christian Courier, Voice of Freedom, The Voice of Truth International, The Evangelist, etc.

o Married Emily Garretson, 1965 - three grown children - two grandchildren.


After much prayer and planning we have launched this web site with the hope that it will be helpful to both the Christian and non-Christian. In many ways we feel highly inadequate to begin such an ambitious undertaking. However, we feel strongly that the material to be presented on this web page is greatly needed.

The Internet presents us with a tremendous opportunity and challenge. In the past ten years, the Internet has become the most powerful communications medium ever invented, surpassing radio, television and the telephone in its potential for mass communication. Through this means we have the almost unlimited potential of reaching around the world with soul saving truth. Today, we can put up a Web site that anyone in the world can see and utilize. Unlike radio, television or newspapers, the Internet provides the ability an almost instant response. Therefore, we feel compelled to take advantage of this means to reach the lost and strengthen the saved.

We want Christian-Family.net to be a practical resource tool in the areas of marriage, the Bible school and the pulpit. I am not a professional counselor, but I have had over thirty-seven years experience in advising individuals and families in a church setting. I am not an expert in the field of Christian education. However, I have served as a full-time educational minister and have some experience in teaching and administration in Christian schools. I made the decision to become a gospel preacher at the age of fourteen. My training has been to the end of publicly proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ (Eph. 3:8).

Why "Christian-Family?" We call our Web site Christian-Family for two reasons. First, in Christ we are made a family -- the family of God (Eph. 3:15). Thus, we will give emphasis to matters relative to the church (i.e. the Bible school and the pulpit). Secondly, the family is the foundation of society. It is the parent, not the child of civilization. When the family is weakened, civilization itself is weakened. Likewise, when families within the church are weakened, the church is weakened. Satan knows that if he can cripple the home, he can weaken the influence of the church in the world. We firmly believe that the world needs Christian families. Therefore, we will also emphasize what the Bible says about the home and family.

The material presented here comes from many sources gleaned over a period of some thirty-seven years of preaching, teaching and counseling in a church setting. I have borrowed from many sources over the years and readily admit that very little is "original" material. Unless, of course, we define "originality" as the ability to forget where we got something.

We have tried to provide adequate documentation and to give credit where credit is due. However, we have often taken notes from a book or oral presentation for our own benefit, not thinking of subsequently publishing the material. Thus, the material we have developed, may not come with proper references. If you should find material anywhere on this web page without documentation and know the source, please do us a favor and contact us with that information. It is our sincere hope that this website will help to strengthen the church and the society in which we live. We hope that those who come to this website will find material that will strengthen and uplift spiritually.

If we can be of further service to you, please contact us:

Yours for the Cause of Christ,

Dan Flournoy