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  • Books by Wayne Jackson
  • Books by Lottie Beth Hobbs
  • Books by Bobby Bates
  • Books by Leroy Brownlow

    1. Bible and Mental Health....$8.95

    2. Jeremiah & Lamentations....$9.95

    3. Notes From The Margin of My Bible (Hard back)...$19.95

    4. Creation, Evolution & The Age of the Earth...$4.00

    5. Mythology of Modern Geology...$4.00

    6. Review of F.LaGard Smith's Book "Who Is My Brother?"..$3.00 -- Sorry, out of print

    7. Parables In Profile ....$8.00

    8. Study Guide to Greater Bible Knowledge....$6.00

    9. Select Studies In The Book of Revelation....$6.00

    10. Treasures From The Greek New Testament....$6.00

    11. Biblical Ethics & Modern Science ....$4.00

    12. Fortify Your Faith In An Age Of Doubt ....$6.00

    13. A.D. 70 Doctrine -Max King Theory ....$6.00

    14. Divorce & Re-marriage Discussion ....$6.00

    15. Commentary on Acts ....$24.95

    16. The Bible and Science ....$10.00

    17. Background Bible Study ....$4.00

    18. Bible Translation Controversy ....$4.95

    19. Biblical Studies in the Light of Archaeology ....$4.00

    20. Bible Words and Theological Terms Made Easy ....$8.95

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    1. Victory Over Trials, hard back ... $10.95 paper back ... $ 7.95

    2. If You Would See Good Days, paper back ... $7.95

    3. You Can Be Beautiful paper back ... $7.95

    4. Your Best Friend, paper back ... $7.95

    5. Daughters of Eve, hard back .... $10.95 paper back ... $8.95

    6. Choosing Life's Best, paper back ... $7.95

    Books by Bobby Bates

    GROWING IN CHRIST A Study Guide For New Christians-- Paper back....$8.95

    FISHING FOR MEN - Techniques For Effective Soul Winning--Paper back....$8.95

    DOES IT MATTER? - A one lesson study guide designed for campaign work where time is limited. This study is being used effectively all over the English speaking world.

    1-74 copies...$.70
    75 + copies...$.65

    BACK TO THE BIBLE - A three lesson study guide. In-depth coverage of each topic and additional time spent with the prospect makes this the perfect too for local evangelism.

    1-99 sets....$1.25
    100 + sets...$1.20

    [Note: Bobby Bates preached the gospel for 40 years. He did mission work in Holland and taught in campaigns throughout the world. He taught in three different preacher training schools and has conducted personal evangelism workshops extensively throughout the U.S. He has filmed evangelism courses for World Video Bible School. He has preached in Gospel Meetings and Lectureships in the U.S. and abroad. Bobby died of cancer in 2001 but his work as an evangelist continues through his writting. I am privileged to say that he was my brother and friend. dcf]

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    Leroy Brownlow Books

    "Why I am a Member of the Church of Christ"-- Paper back....$4.99

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